Asthma and poverty

asthma and poverty

Dec 21, The connection between asthma and poverty and the impact on children. In the Asthma Capitals Report, AAFA looked at eight risk factors that can affect asthma rates: poverty, lack of health insurance, poor air quality, pollen counts, long-term control medicine use, quick-relief medicine use, smoking laws and access to specialists. Although it is possible that there are genetic differences in asthma among different races, most evidence points to poverty as an important cause of disease .

Question: Asthma and poverty

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Child Homelessness in Promethazine drugs. Let us know your thoughts on Breath povety Fresh Air! Research on low-income families and their asthma experience is not new—nor was it the sole focus of this study. Most of the asthma specialists like the ones my kids see are located in either Northwest D. The frequency of hospitalizations for asthma differed as much as fold from one zip code to the next, and the lower the average income of the population in any particular zip code area, the more frequent the need for hospitalization for severe asthmatic attacks. Persons of color have lower average incomes that whites and have more severe asthma and a greater risk of fatal asthma.

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